How is Jilain pronounced?
Jilain is pronounced as “Djee-Lain”.

Jilain’s origins lie in a profound passion for mobility. In 2016, founder Joey Philip Salmon Oraile recognised the clear shift from traditional internal combustion engines to zero-emission vehicles. In doing so, he noticed that the charging station was an overlooked aspect of this shift. While electric cars, motorbikes and planes looked impressive, charging stations seemed to lag behind. With the principle “If you don’t like it, change it” in mind, Oraile officially launched Jilain in 2018.

In 2017, Oraile held various roles, such as military officer in the Technische Dienst (Dutch Army Technical Corps), member of the Military Co-determination Committee and Industrial Engineering & Management student. With his technical background, business analysis skills and knowledge of business administration, he put his idea into motion. That same year, he developed his concept into a structured plan during the honours programme at the Nesst Foundation. Here, the groundwork for Jilain was established. For Oraile, the “fusion of passion and design” was at the heart of his charging station.
Oraile comes from a prolific family history. His ancestors have roots in the Netherlands, Austria and Indonesia (Maluku Islands). Oraile’s grandfather was a wise man and an example to many. He often spoke proudly of “Babar Islands”. This is where Jilain gets its name, inspired by a story from Palau Babar, an island in the Banda Sea. This island was rich in food, but clean drinking water was scarce. People dug a well on the beach where freshwater came up to provide drinking water for the community. If people would pollute the earth, they would run out of clean water. This story illustrates the need to be careful with the earth, which is at the heart of the electrification of current internal combustion engines. The road next to this spot is called Jl Lain (Jalan Lain), which means “another way”. So, with this, Jilain is following a different course from current charging station providers.