luxury chargers

Our charging stations are crafted with sustainable materials and tasteful design, resulting in unparalleled beauty.

Each charging station is unique and attentively crafted, with an emphasis on an exquisite finish. At the heart of these masterpieces is our team of specialised artisans with deep expertise. We bring together luxury and artistry in a seamless experience of unparalleled ease of use. A Jilain is utterly unique.


Charging stations

Eden charger

Black-and-white vein

Eden charger

White-and-black vein




Squeegee 18ct gold


18ct gold or gold-plated

Luxury charging stations with

enchanting design

Let art enchant you through our unique charging stations, each featuring a personalised design that seamlessly matches your unique taste. Our charging stations are made of durable materials, such as natural stone and stainless steel, which retain their charm and shine even in the most challenging weather conditions. Our artisans have handcrafted these masterpieces with precision and exceptional craftsmanship.

In addition to their breath-taking design, our Jilain charging stations offer an unparalleled user experience. With fixed charging stations and an intuitive one-hand shutter, our charging stations ensure a quick and efficient charging session.

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